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If we are going to do business together it's important to get to know each other! I'd like to tell you my story below and let you get to know me a bit better! 

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My Story

I grew up on the quaint and small island of Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. I was always involved in sports and leadership from a young age. I graduated from Three Oaks Senior High with an entry scholarship to UPEI and as class vice-president. I enrolled in business at UPEI and later switched to Sobey's School of Business at Saint Mary's University in Halifax to finish my Bachelor's degree in Commerce with a major in accounting. After graduation, I coached the Three Oaks Senior Men's High School Volleyball Team and was an assistant development coach for the Canada Games Men's Beach Volleyball Team. 

While undergoing my studies at Saint Mary's, I worked for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a student ambassador, giving presentations on campus to promote a career in public service and the available opportunities. I was also responsible for engaging students and trying to recruit new employees through various other marketing streams. Upon graduation, I was offered a full-time permanent position with CRA, where I worked for almost six years in multiple roles. Some roles included training new staff in my department, creating new procedures and protocols, documenting processes and protocols, and reviewing others' work. At the time, I was a co-chair of a young professionals network called "Jumpstart", which worked closely with upper management to reach the long-term strategic goals of CRA, involving recruitment and retention, new technology and processes, capturing tacit knowledge, and more. In this role, I regularly facilitated meetings for Jumpstart committee members, special events, and my primary work division team meetings. 

My journey then landed in the Philippines, where I went during a year of leave from CRA. I became a scuba diving instructor this year! After this year abroad, I didn't return to CRA, so I permanently moved to a small island in the Philippines called Malapascua. During my time there, I opened a kitesurfing school, paddleboard rental business, a sports bar, and a small hotel, all while managing almost 50 staff in a busy beach resort (Hippocampus Beach Resort). I was also the president of the local chamber of commerce for two years and co-founded an animal shelter in 2020 (Malapascua Paw Heroes).


While there, I was working on my then side hustle (IDEA Consulting) but didn't have the time to commit to it fully. I created and managed a few different brands, but it was just a side hustle! When Covid-19 hit, the Philippines closed the border to all international tourism and shut down local tourism. I held on for about six months but then decided to move back to PEI. During this time, I was able to focus on IDEA Consulting and turn it from a side hustle into a full-time hustle! IDEA Consulting specializes in logo design, branding, professional writing, web design, marketing strategy, training and learning, and general business consulting services for startups. 

I've decided to leave my life in the Philippines behind as I settle back into my old home here in PEI. Since I've been back, aside from IDEA Consulting, I created a local non-profit to help support the animal shelter in the Philippines and some local PEI causes (Island for islands), which is still in its infant stages. I also sit on the Board of Directors of PEI Bag Company. 

I am an outgoing and eclectic person who loves people, music, the outdoors, animals, and sports, and I am a foodie! I have an eye for design and style, a mind for business, and am an expert communicator in spoken and written English. Some may call me a "serial entrepreneur" - I like to keep busy, am hyper-organized, and am an expert multi-tasker! 

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