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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation for your organization in Prince Edward Island. Transforming your team from paper-based to digital-based, collaborative style work.

Technology has come a long way since fax machines and filing cabinets. Now we have shared "drives" where we can keep all of our documents, collaborate on documents, and create an entire eco-system of creativity and productivity. 

Ask us how we can help your organization transform to utilize shared drives, including word documents, excel spreadsheets, Google forms, and slide shows, and how to organize all of these items in an efficient manner. 

Need help navigating social media or creating content? We can help with that too! We can help you set up a content calendar, create a content plan, and show you how to automatically post your content to your site to improve sales and visibility for your organization! 

We offer training classes on all of this and more in PEI, ask us how we can help your organization today! 

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