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Interactive Courses, Crafting Meeting Agendas, Time Management, Meeting Organization, Facilitation in Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Lee Gallant has been facilitating for years. Starting with his career with Canada Revenue Agency, he regularly planned and executed team meetings and chaired meetings for a young professional network called Jumpstart. 

During his years abroad, Lee chaired a non-profit chamber of commerce to help bring infrastructure to a small island in the Philippines, chairing quarterly meetings with over 25 international business owners.

Lately, Lee has been facilitating in PEI, including facilitating meetings for government organizations and, more recently, facilitating several entry-level professional development courses at UPEI.

If you would like your next meeting to be facilitated professionally, please reach out! We help with meeting prep, agenda creation, time management, group work strategy, post-meeting deliverables, and more!

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